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BIOSORB Gelling Fibre Dressing is intended for use in the management of moderate to heavily exuding acute or chronic wounds including:

  • Lower leg ulcers, pressure ulcers (Stage II to IV) and diabetic ulcers
  • Surgical wounds (e.g. post-operative, wounds left to heal by secondary intent and donor sites)
  • Partial thickness burns
  • Traumatic wounds (e.g. abrasions and lacerations)
  • Oncology wounds

BIOSORB Gelling Fibre Dressing has a supportive effect in that it protects the wound edge and surrounding skin from maceration.

The product can also be used under compression.
When dry, BIOSORB Gelling Fibre Dressing can easily be cut with sterile scissors.

For more information please refer to the full instructions for use in the packaging insert

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PRA001132-R0-CA, EN
July 2017



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