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How does it work?


  • Provides a barrier to viruses 27 nm in diameter or larger (e.g. HIV and Hepatitis B)†
    and to bacteria
  • Allows the transmission of oxygen and moisture vapour helping to prevent
    periwound maceration

BIOCLUSIVE Plus is flexible, comfortable, easy to use and remove

  • Conforms to difficult contours
  • Helps facilitate controlled and waste-free application
  • Is waterproof

BIOCLUSIVE Plus is transparent and thus allows inspection of the wound for
the duration of wear.

*compared to BIOCLUSIVE
†In vitro testing shows that the transparent film of BIOCLUSIVE Plus brand dressings
provide a viral barrier for viruses 27 nm in diameter or larger while the dressing
remains intact without leakage. Data on file.

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C4243 Dec 2014
PRB C4213



1. Morris, L. Clinical efficacy of a transparent film wound dressing. BJN, Vol 10, N9, 2001

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