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Q: How does the new Systagenix Letís Heal™ packaging affect me?

A: The New Packaging is part of the new re-brand for Systagenix; this will make choosing your wound care products even easier!

Customer Information: Change of packaging

Systagenix are proud to announce a bold new change of our product packaging.
The following Systagenix products will be affected by this change from the middle of November onwards:
TIELLE™ (Classic, Max, Plus,)
SILVERCEL™ Non-Adherent

These changes will only affect the packaging; the products themselves will remain the same fantastic dressings they have always been.
Please see below for an example of the changes

Q: Can I send my old packaging back?

A: All product attributes remain unchanged and so it will not be necessary to return old packaging. The product packaging change does not impact the Systagenix returns policy.

Q: Are you planning any further changes to packaging?

A: Yes. All Systagenix Advanced Woundcare Products that are undergoing packaging rebranding will also undergo the rebranding of their product pouches. This will be rolled out from early 2011 and fully completed within the year.

Q: Why is the packaging changing?

A: This is part of a wider change in Systagenix branding and is a part of our communications strategy. We have aimed to make the product name as clear as possible on the packaging to ensure supply and stock management is easier for you.

Q: What should I do with product in old packaging?

A: All product attributes remain unchanged and so it will not be necessary to return old packaging. Only the outer packaging is changing. What is inside is the same.

Q: Will this create supply issues?

A: We do not envisage that there will be any supply problems as a result of the packaging change.

Q: When will this happen?

A: From November 15th 2010 onwards we will start supplying customers and wholesalers with product in new packaging. However there may be a period of time you are supplied product in old packaging from your wholesaler depending on their existing stock levels.

Q: What is changing?

A: The graphics of the carton, the inner pouch, and instruction for use for the Advanced Wound Care product range. The products themselves, size, and registration will remain unchanged.

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